I.T. and Software consultation

Software and IT problem solving

Finding good solid advice for a technology decision is hard to find. Not only is it expensive, but there are at least 500 different ways to accomplish the same task. I have been in the I.T. and Software Development world for my entire life. I have managed multiple software teams and have been the lead architect and developer on more than 100 applications. I have also designed and built networks, server farms, and automated systems to support and to be a business’s infrastructure.

I specialize in finding the problem and providing an elegant solution that will solve the need as well as scale to perform.

What can be done

There are unlimited options when it comes to technology. I have a motto; Speed, Quality, Cost. Pick two.  If you want high quality and low cost, it won’t be fast. If you want high speed and low cost, it won’t have good quality. If you want high speed and good quality, it won’t be cheap. It’s a hard choice but it’s the reality that any business that has technology will have to face.

I can guide you through these treacherous times. I have provided companies with solutions that have saved or made them millions of dollars.

How it works

Everything depends on your needs. Do you have a great idea and think that software might be the answer? I can tell you how to get it developed and launched. Are you a new company and you have no clue what a server is, why you need one, and worse; how many you will need? I can take you down the correct path.

I can provide guidance on how to augment your staff with IT skills, I can vet candidates for you before a hire. I can even write the application for you if you need. But we can talk about that last one later 🙂