Pulled Pork Pepper Poppers!

Say that five times fast! Ok, so time to start mixing it up in here! Today we are going to make pulled pork pepper poppers. What the what??? That is a roasted pepper stuffed with pulled pork and mozzarella (or pepper jack to spice things up even more.) Ok first things first, get some fresh jalapeño peppers, mozzarella cheese, and make a pulled pork, unless you actually have left overs 😉

Ok, time to break this down! Get some gloves, pepper in the eye sucks! Take the jalapeños and cut the top off. Take a parring knife and pull out the seeds and the membrane. Now take some pork and stuff the pepper about a quarter of the way and then add a chunk of cheese. Fill the rest of the pepper with pork. Now for the fun part, fire up the grill or you can use a cast iron frying pan. Yes cast iron… if you treat it like a beautiful woman it will love you back for years and years to come (more on that later.)

If you are on a grill, put them right over the fire. Otherwise just add some olive oil to the pan and let’er rip. You want to cook these suckers for a while because you want the peppers to soften up a little (about 3-5 min per side.) That’s it! plate’em up and eat’em up! For an added flavor boost, wrap them in bacon strips and loosen your belt because you won’t be able to stop eating them!

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