Saturday Grill Out: Cheese in the burger?

Yum, yum. Cheese is the best thing ever discovered… I love all types of cheese. Sharp, mild, smelly, it really doesn’t matter. I could have a whole block of cheese in one sitting… and with that picture in your head, I love meat (if you couldn’t tell). Burgers are quick and tasty and when you stuff them with cheese it brings a whole new meaning to cheese burgers.

Burger Mix

Get a half pound of or 90/10 beef, yes it’s lean… keep reading… also get a half pound of sweet sausage. Mix them up and you will get a great pork/beef mix for your burgers. While mixing, add a 1/4 cup of Meat Rub as well as one egg and about a half cup of crushed ritz crackers.

Making the Burger

Take a good hand full portion of the mix and form it into a ball. It should be about the size of a baseball. Now take a half inch square of any cheese you like. Stuff it right into the center of the meat ball. Roll it back up and then flatten it down into the typical burger shape. Before cooking put a good size divot in the meat, this will help it cook evenly and it will help keep the cheese from bursting out like a mini volcano.

Now grill that sucker up and enjoy!

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