Saturday Gill Out: Smoked Turkey Brest

November is right around the corner and it’s time to start practicing on smoking that turkey! This is my first attempt at a turkey in the smoker, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to but I will explain what I did and hopefully you can do better.

I have been the turkey cooker for the past 6 Thanksgivings. I have followed this video every year and each time it’s perfect!

This year I wanted to actually smoke my turkey but I have to convince my wife that it will be as good as my normal turkey. I started off by getting a 4.5 LB turkey breast. I rinsed it off and then dried it.


I added my meat rub to the turkey on all sides and some under the skin as well. I fired up the smoker to 275 degrees and let it sit for 2.5 hours.


This is where I messed up. Normally I just let the meat smoke until it’s done. Because we were hungry and because it was getting late, I wrapped the turkey in foil and ended up cooking it over the coal to move the process along. This got the turkey cooked, and it was very juicy but the skin came out like rubber…I am going to try again and this time let it go until it’s done. I want that crisp skin.

I will try again and keep you updated. As for the rest of the meal, I cooked all the vegetables from my last post. This went really well with the turkey and tasted great!

Let me know if you have any tips on crisp skin in the smoker…

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