Seasoning Saturday: Hickory Smoked Salt

Now that the fall is here, grilling out is going to be harder to do in my area. So I still want to provide great grill flavor without really having to grill all the time. So the next few weeks I will be focused on smoked and toasted seasoning.

One of the major staples to any dish is salt. I prefer kosher salt because it is coarse and isn’t mixed with sugars and other crap, it’s just salt.

  What you will need:

  • 2 cups kosher salt
  • Charcoal
  • Hardwood (Hickory, Oak, etc)

This one is pretty simple, layout your charcoal a long burn. I prefer the minion method. I also used hickory for this.

Start out by pouring the salt into a 13×9 metal baking pan. Set the pan on the cool side of your smoker.


Then you just let it sit in the smoke like you would any cut of meat. For any kind of spice or herb, the longer you let it smoke, the better. I let this batch go for about 4 hours.


While we are on the subject of salt, check out my “Things to try” board on Pinterest, it has a cool little trick on how to make your own DYI spackle with the same salt.


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