Helpful BBQ Resources

So every once and a while I will send out emails to the people on my list and I ask a short 5 question survey so I can keep track of what you guys are really looking for content wise. This past survey brought up some things that I wanted to answer right away.

I would like info on where maybe bbq classes are being offered

This is really dependent on where you live in the world. This list might help, some have their own class page others mix them in with the events pages.





If this conversation is getting you hungry, try out The Pig Of The Month Club They have Ribs, Pork, Sausage, Chicken, and many other meats all sent directly to you once each month! They also carry Rubs and Sauces for your enjoyment as well.


External Resources

There are a few places other than my podcast that are giving out great info. Here is a list of resources that you might like.

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