Low and Slow BBQ at Home with Dr. BBQ himself, Ray Lampe


A BBQ Class at home?

You heard right, almost every BBQ class that is out there require you to travel to the teacher and can cost upwards of $400-$600 dollars! Now don’t get me wrong, paying $600 dollars for a BBQ class gets you an inside look into how a competition BBQ team does its magic! That can be worth it’s weight in gold but to take the class in the comfort of your living room is priceless! This class isn’t $600 dollars, it isn’t even $60 dollars. It’s the insanely low price of $39.99! In fact it’s even on sale right now for $29.99! So let’s get into it.

What does it cover?

This class really covers everything you need to make your own rubs, sauces, and best of all smoked meats!

Lesson 1: Firing Up the Barbecue

This lesson covers what you need to know about the grills and smokers that you would use in cooking. He covers fuel sources, the basic kettle grill, ceramic smokers, and even pellet smokers.

Now you know I personally use a Weber Smokey Mountain in which I use charcoal. I have a few posts on maintaining heat on my offset smoker as well. This is something to pay attention to.

Lesson 2: Seasoning the Meat

Let’s jump right into flavor! Wood and seasonings are the way you can add flavor to the meat. Several woods types are covered including hardwoods and fruit woods. Then we move into the spices. The Doctor shows us how to make a good dry rub and talks about how to change it up.

This is the same process I went through when coming up with my flavor profile. Check out BBQ Flavor 101: Making a BBQ Rub for my take on this.

Lesson 3: Making Sauce

We jump right into a good and tangy BBQ sauce! He starts with a ketchup based sauce with several ingredients. He also covers a yummy South Carolina vinegar sauce. Here is my take on it: BBQ Flavor 201: Sweet BBQ Sauce also have a look at this awesome video, I really love the white sauce.

Lesson 4: Pulled Pork

Now this is where the fun begins! Pork butt is covered in all aspects, we learn how to clean it up and trim the fat, both home-style an even competition bbq! You get to learn about shoulder, picnic, and the incredible Money Muscle! Ray shows you three ways to serve the pork, chunks, pulled, and chopped. This is one of my personal favorites. I make it quite often. Have fun with this and through a party.

Lesson 5: Brisket

Brisket is always a scarey piece of meat to cook mainly due to it’s price, but don’t worry! Ray gives you all the info you need to smoke a good brisket. He covers meat choice, trimming, seasoning, and cooking.

We get a good lesson in trimming the fat for competition. Ray covers the muscles of a briskey and how to cut them. He also shows you two seasoning methods, Kansas City style and Texas style.

He takes the meat to a Fast Eddy FEC100 for 8-12 hours.

He presents slices and burnt ends, I’m hungry now… think I am going to do one of these this weekend.

Lesson 6: Ribs

Ahh ribs, we are going to see three cuts of ribs.

First we see baby back. This is the top part of the rib cage. We are shown how to trim the fat and pull the membrane off. We see a sweet rub added and then on to the spares. The spare ribs are the bottom part of the same ribs. Once trimmed they are good to go but if you don’t like the cartilage then you can do a St. Louis cut. You will end up with rib tips doing this, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

He cooks the ribs on the Fast Eddy as well. What a cooker!

Lesson 7: BBQ Chicken & Turkey

Whole chicken is cheap and tastes great! We are shown how to break the chicken down into halves and how to trim and cleanup chicken parts.

Ray covers brines as well. You want to brine for a few hours but be careful or you will end up with salty chicken.

We move on to cooking and the on to turkey!

Injection is the way Ray treats this turkey. He then adds aromatics as well as a bbq rub. He shows off a neat trick where he places a bag of ice on the white meat for 1 hour to help change the temp so that when it cooks, you don’t end up with overcooked, dry white meat.

This one gets cooked on a standard Weber kettle cooker!

What makes this class so special?

It really covers everything you need to find your passion for BBQ. Food, spices, sauces, and cooking techniques are all covered and with just enough detail to get you started. You also have direct access to Ray! Unless you are at a physical class, you won’t get this anywhere else! Ask a question in the class and he will personally answer it within a few days.

Sign up for the class by clicking on this link:

 Low & Slow BBQ at Home with Dr. BBQ, Ray Lampe


Just to let you know, this is one of my sponsors. I do get a commission if you choose to sign up. That shouldn’t sway you to buy this class nor should it sway you to not buy it. I have bought this class my self before being sponsored and I really think it’s worth it.

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