Experiment in Awesome: The Swineapple 

oh Facebook, an endless supply of random things to try. This past week there have been a glut of post related to the ‘Swineapple’.

This work of swine-tacular awesomeness is made from ribs, stuffed into a pineapple and then wrapped in a bacon! I really do couldn’t think of anything better other than a whole hog wrapped in bacon but that would just be… well awesome… nevermind that I brought that up.

What you need:

  • Boneless ribs. I used Country Ribs for my first attempt
  • A Pineapple
  • Bacon
  • 6-8 Hours of free time

How to build this little package of awesome

Start by unpacking all the ingredients.







If this conversation is getting you hungry, try out The Pig Of The Month Club They have Ribs, Pork, Sausage, Chicken, and many other meats all sent directly to you once each month! They also carry Rubs and Sauces for your enjoyment as well.

How it’s made:

I started by skinning the pineapple. I also cut off the top and bottom as well as cored it.



Once that is taken care of, I cut the ribs down and stuffed them into the core. Be careful not to over stuff this or the pineapple will break and we don’t want that at all. Then wrap in bacon


Then I left it in the smoker. It’s on the bottom shelf of my WSM because I was also smoking a pork butt at the same time on the top shelf.


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