1. Hi there – just found you and the site very indirectly through the man
    meat BBQ podcast – heard Josh “Big Stack” mention he talked to a NJ guy
    about BBQ…and it wasn’t me 🙂

    started smoking using the “snake”/”chain” method in my kettle and
    quickly realized it is a lot of work for not a great result. Got on
    with a 18″ WSM and am hooked.

    Would love to know where you source wood in NJ? I know the big box stores carry the usual suspects, but oak, peach and others are elusive and I’d love to try without ordering it online.

    Also – do the gaskets make that big a difference? I run mine with top wide open, and only two barely cracked to hold 220-240. If you have a post on the gaskets or can recommend some other reading on them, that would be excellent.

    Most of my cooking adventures and more are here: https://instagram.com/jhoetzl/

    Thank you,

    • Hey Joseph, sorry it took so long to respond, I never saw the email that you made a comment.

      So as for wood, I just get hickory chunks from the store, nothing special. I do know a guy that owns an apple orchard in Canada and I am going to see about getting wood shipped down. If you are in the South Jersey area, try Johnson’s Farm in Medford, NJ. They have apple trees all the time and I am sure they have to take some out every once and awhile.

      As for the gaskets, My experience has been that they do make a difference. My friend and I both have the 22in and mine has gaskets and his does not. Mine holds more smoke in and keeps a more stable temp over time. This is the gasket that I got: http://amzn.to/1MJZ73D

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