Coming back to life

Hello, World.

So over the years I have tried to blog (A few of them actually), became a podcaster, did some video on Youtube, and attacked social media. All of this in the pursuit of a false dream. The dream was that I would try one of these things and then become an overnight millionaire. Reality is a swift kick in the pants.

After trying all of these things and pretty much failing at all of them, I have realized that I just need to put myself out there and try to be of some value. If I make money off of it, great. If not, awesome sauce. I just need to be present and here.

Whats going on

So I’m going to take you along with me for the ride in which I call life. I am going to talk about myself, my family, my hobbies, and and random thing that comes to mind. Sometimes I will vent and be negative, sometimes I may cross a line or be offensive. That is who I am, please don’t complain about it. That will just make you a troll. Just move past it, accept me for who I am and if it means you move on from this little blog then so long and thanks for all the fish.

Moving on

Ok, now for some fun. I will be adding things here, often. so away we go!

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