Back on the exercise wagon, day 1

Exercise time!

4/20/2016 – Yeah 4/20… That has nothing to do with this post and I don’t do that anyway… So today was my first bike ride in about 6 months… holy shit, about to die… I clocked in about 2 miles on my first ride! I’m impressed and disappointed at the same time. My goal was 5 miles. I work in a very hilly area so I think it’s part of my issue, not knowing how to handle a hill correctly and that I am fat and out of shape… The ride did have a total elevation distance of 60ft. That is a lot in my mind, but I’m new at this, so what do I know? Details on my ride: Ride tracked on  

Whats for lunch??

For all the NSNGers, here’s my lunch:

#NSNG spinach, salami, and cheddar cheese. Also just came off a bike ride…

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It is cooked spinach which I added Himalayan salt, fresh cracked pepper, and fresh lemon juice to. Then I have a few slices of cheddar cheese and some Genoa salami. All in all a good day. I will update dinner later.

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