Ok skipping ahead…

Ok, I was really diligent for like a day about posting what I have been eating… lets catch up. I am really good about keeping grains out of my mouth but sugar is a daily struggle.. I have plateaued on my weight loss and that is my own fault. I haven’t been eating grains but I really haven’t been eating veggies either, mostly meats and fats. Which in itself isn’t bad but I really need to up the veggies… I can’t seem to cut out the sugary coffee creamer either….

Pushing harder

Ok this week, every snack and lunch will be published… What I love about this new mindset is that if you make a mistake, you only fail if you give up… I’m not giving up. Monday starts fresh. I’m going to stop at the store and get heavy cream for my coffee and just not use the sugary ones provided by my office.. I am also going to request a unsweetened, heavy and or whipping cream.



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