NSNG – Day 1 of 30 (Hardcore)

My life is about my girls. I am overweight (290 lbs) and I want to make sure I am around to see them grow up. I have been flirting with #NSNG (No Sugars, No Grains) on and off and it’s time to try hitting it really hard. I am going to make sure that my recipes are free of sugars and grains as much as possible. Fruits have sugar but some are better than others.


I started off with Coffee and heavy whipping cream, no sugar. I also had a few slices of salami and some senoma jack cheese.


I had an avocado and some chicken.


Just finished the night off with some spinach with lemon, salt, and garlic topped with a 6oz piece of Salmon.

One thought on “NSNG – Day 1 of 30 (Hardcore)

  1. Steve

    Hi Wayne – congrats on NSNG! I jumped in feet first in mid October, am 6’2″ and started at 285. Dropped 48 lbs by February and then it got away from me a little and out about 12 back on. I’m back 100% now and am seeing the benefits come back. I did notice I had a plateau when eating salami often so cut that out and it helped. Just thought I’d throw that out there.
    Good luck and I’m sure you’ll start to feel great in about a week, if that long!


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