We have a few things that you can try if you would like.


  • Sweet Sauce
    • Now I know I am posting about not eating sugars… I made this sauce well before I knew how I wanted to eat. If you still eat a sweet sauce then this is for you!
  • Blueberry BBQ Sauce (Super low sugar)
    • This is a new twist on my traditional sauce. It tastes similar but nowhere near as sweet because there is no added sugars in it. The only sugar comes from the blueberries themselves.
  • Hot Verde Relish
    • This “Hot Sauce” is thick, made with poblanos, serranos, habaneros, jalapeños, and long hots! Watch out!


  • Meat Rub
    • The title sais it all, you put it on meat. Anything other than fish… but you name it, Beef, Pork, Chicken, heck even try it on some avocado! It’s awesome!
  • Spicy Meat Rub
    • Same mix but with a kick in the mouth!
  • Black Tar Rub
    • Try some 100% Cocoa and some Dark Roast Coffee… Try this bad boy on some brisket for some POW!