Here is a list of resources that I find helpful. In some cases they are people that have helped me get to where I am and in other cases I think they are really cool and I think other people should know about them.



  • Entrepreneur On Fire Hosted by John Lee Dumas
    • I wouldn’t be at this point or be in the process of starting a podcast if it wasn’t for John. He has be a mentor by proxy via his podcast. I have had some interactions with him via email and in webinar group chats. I have yet to talk one on one with him but I hope that one day I could be a guest on his show.
  • Shifting Work Hosted by Van Shumake and Dwain Scott
    • Dwain reached out to me when I was really getting started and offered help through networking contacts. He has been really cool and he hosts a great show.
  • Man Meat BBQ Hosted by Mikey
    • This is a pretty cool show, Mikey covers all kinds of BBQ related topics from product and restaurant reviews and also interviews with some really cool people (including me!)
  • The BBQ Central Show Hosted by Greg Rampee
    • This is the granddaddy of BBQ podcasts! BBQ Central has been on air for eight years! Greg does an awesome job of covering everything BBQ! He has segments from many of the big names out there and his show is done live every tuesday at 9pm Central on the Outdoor Cooking Channel!
  • The Firecast Podcast Hosted by Scott Roberts
    • This is an awesome show for Chili-Heads and spice lovers alike! Scott covers foods, sauces, and events in the food and hot sauce industry. He is a great guy and also has a monthly segment on the BBQ Central Show. Please check him out!

BBQ Resources

Web Resources

  • Want to start a blog or website like this one? You need a place for the site to live. I recommend Blue Host I have been using them for my websites for about 7 years. They have the best deals around and they start at $4.95 a month! You can’t really beat that!