Rubs and Sauces

Wren’s BBQ is proud of the unique flavors they provide to the grilling and meat smoking community. You can find a million rub recipes out there and they will all taste good but they will all have the same basic ingredients.

Have you ever had a steak with the after taste of an exotic tea? How about a BBQ sauce made with Agave? These are only some examples of the items we put in our rubs and sauces. I am sure you are going to find something that you love as much as we do.


Wren’s BBQ: Meat Rub

Wren’s Meat Rub is made from a mixture of 14 exotic spices and herbs. It tastes great on everything except fish. It is the main flavor ingredient in our Sweet Sauce and is used on our ribs, steaks, and pulled pork.

Spice Label - Meat Rub

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Wren’s BBQ: Sweet Sauce

Wren’s Sweet Sauce is all natural and completely vegan until you add it to some tasty meat. Made with all natural ingredients including agave and my Meat Rub. I have had customers eat this sauce by it’s self and have yet to find something it doesn’t taste good with.

Sauce Label - Sweet Sauce

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Wren’s BBQ: Tangy Mustard Sauce

Wren’s Tangy Mustard Sauce is similar to a Carolina Mustard with a Jersey twist. I plan on putting the North East on the BBQ map and I think this sauce will help us get there.

Sauce Label - Tangy Mustard Sauce