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Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Rebuild

So I was driving around the other day and I pass a Masterbuilt Eletric Smoker just sitting at someone’s curb. I stopped my car in the middle of the road and then pulled to the side.

It was a rusty, warn out, sad little thing that just needed a little love. Taped to the top of it was the original manual as well as a note that read; All parts inside. Heat coil needs to be repaired.

So I threw it into the back of my car and sped off towards my home.

I proceeded to begin cleaning it. It was an absolute mess. It was filled with cobwebs, rust, dirt, and even left over food residue.

I began cleaning the grates and the coil.

The coil was good, the wires had rusted and broke. I replaced the wire terminals and reattached the coil. I then touched up some rust spots.

Then came time to test this wonderful machine. I first ran it for 3 hours at 250 just to see if it would hold temp. It was working fine so I added a rack of ribs and was really happy with the result.

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