Who is Wren?

So, about me…. My name is Wayne Renbjor (Wren). I grew up in Austin, Tx and I loved BBQ growing up but I never paid attention to how it was cooked. I moved to New Jersey in 1996 and have been stuck with subpar BBQ ever since and have now regretted that I never learned to right way to BBQ. When I moved into my house with my wife in 2006 the first thing I wanted was a “good” grill. I took a few hundred dollars and bought a Charbroil Sliver Smoker. I have really cut my chops on this leaky offset burner… I had to learn how to seal the leaks, clean rust, and adjust temperature with a handicap.

I have been taking pork shoulders, ribs, steaks, and chicken to parties for a few years now and more and more people specifically request my food and I have made my own rub and my own sauces. This isn’t new, most BBQ enthusiasts go down this path but I really want to get into the competition circuits. The problem is that there really isn’t a lot of resources out there to learn competition cooking, none that are free anyway.

I have been a fan of Tim Ferriss for quite some time. My original background is in tech and application development. When he started his podcast The Time Ferriss Show in early 2014 I started listening and wanted more. I started looking for more podcasts and stumbled on The Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn. Again I couldn’t get enough. After a few episodes of SPI I started this blog. I wanted to start giving people access to some of the BBQ skills that I had started to learn.

One of the episodes I found was with John Lee Dumas and his podcast Entrepreneur On Fire. That changed my life. I started on episode 541 and I am now all caught up with episode 734 at the time of this writing. He is all about podcasting and webinars and how to move your business in that direction. I have been looking for a BBQ podcast and as of late 2014 there are only 2. One is a 2 hour marathon of general BBQ talk and cooking info and the other is a 1 hour interview people in the BBQ world but they just talk about their own accomplishments which is awesome but doesn’t really help the BBQ community grow and eventually become one of the people that would be featured on one of these podcasts.

My goal is to get into the BBQ competition world and make my mark here in the North East. I plan on taking others with me on the way. I want to share the journey from the backyard to the American Royal and beyond and I want to take other backyard enthusiasts into the competition world as well. I plan on interviewing BBQ teams and finding out how they started their journeys and get tips and help from them along the way.

Drop me a line if you ever want to chat or have questions about what’s going on with the site. Talk to you soon!

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